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What is a launcher?

Why are the European launchers called Ariane?

What happens at liftoff into geostationary orbit?

How can I see a launch?

What is a launch window?

Who keeps track of the launcher once it lifts off?

What are orbits?

How fast does a launcher travel?

What is a satellite?

What happens to the stages of a launcher after launch?

What happens to the boosters?

What happens to old satellites?

What is being done about space debris?

What is the external temperature of spacecraft in space?

How do I get to French Guiana?

Do I need a visa to go to French Guiana?

Do I need any vaccinations to visit French Guiana?

I am going to French Guiana, do I need protection against malaria?

What is there to see in French Guiana apart from the Spaceport?