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Microlaunch services workshop in Paris on 6 November

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New concepts from European industry on microlaunch services offer inspiring technical innovations and flexible services to meet the needs of the small satellites market.

Five feasibility studies on launch services using microlaunchers in Europe, contracted within ESA’s Future Launchers Preparatory Programme, have proposed solutions for economically viable and commercially self-sustaining microlaunch services.

In parallel to the five consortia process of raising funds to achieve the first commercial flight, their solutions are expected to benefit the whole European space transportation sector.

ESA aims to accompany these industry-led microlaunch service initiatives through support in technology maturation to achieve the shortest time-to-market and highest competitiveness.

As a next step, a Microlaunch services workshop hosted by ESA in Paris on 6 November will share the outcomes of the studies with interested stakeholders and offer them an opportunity to hold business-to-business sessions with all five microlaunch service providers as well as the other participants.

To request further information regarding this event, click here.

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