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Monday 1

July 2019

Jul 11

Visit at the Flyeye Telescope

11 Jul

Media visit at the OHB Italia Premises organised in coordination with ESA and ASI to discover the Flyeye Telscope. ESA’s Flyeye Telescope, the first of its kind, will permit to implement an innovative wide survey Earth protection service, allowing to check two thirds of the visible sky to be surveyed nightly, for detection of threatening asteroids dangerous for Earth. The Telescope will be located in Sicily (Italy), close to the top of Mufara Mountain (1865m). Once operative, it will automatically bring newly detected objects to the attention of ESA experts at the Near-Earth Object Coordination Centre (NEOCC).

Jul 16

Moon landing anniversary event for Media

16 Jul

Topics: The achievements of the Apollo missions and ESA's current plans for future manned and unmanned Moon exploration missions.

Location: ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany

More details here

Jul 20

Beyond Mission: Launch of ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano

20 Jul

Luca Parmitano will be going ‘Beyond’ when he returns in July to the International Space Station in 2019 as part of Expedition 60/61, alongside Andrew Morgan of NASA and Alexander Skvortsov of Roscosmos.  

Launch date:  20 July 2019

Location: Baikonur, Kazakhstan

Blog  here