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N° 21–1998: Ariane 503 - launch scheduled for mid-October 1998

15 June 1998

The W1 communications satellite developed for Eutelsat no longer being available, the W2 satellite, which was to have been carried as a commercial passenger on Ariane 503, will be launched by an Ariane-4 vehicle.

The search for a new passenger cannot be reconciled with the planning schedule leading to entry of Ariane-5 into operational service. The Ariane 503 payload will therefore consist, in addition to the ARD (Atmospheric Reentry Demonstrator) - which has already been delivered to the Guiana Space Centre - of a representative mock-up of the W2 satellite. With these two payloads, the Ariane 503 flight will complete the qualification of the Ariane-5 launcher.

Taking account of the time needed to develop, test and integrate the mock-up, the Ariane 503 launch is now scheduled for mid-October 1998. Ariane-5 is an ESA programme for which ESA has delegated management responsibility to CNES.

Flight 503, conducted under ESA responsibility, will be the last of the Ariane-5 qualification flights. The launcher used will be the first production-series unit ordered by Arianespace from European industry.

Launch operations are managed by Arianespace at the ELA-3 launch site at the Guiana Space Centre, Europe's space port (French Guyana).