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N° 32–1994: Classroom in Space

10 October 1994

An unique opportunity for European school children to participate in a "Space class" will take place on Wednesday, 19 October 1994. The twenty five pupils - representing all of the European Space Agency's (ESA) thirteen Member States - attend Paris's International High School and will join 20 Dutch pupils at the ESTEC Visitors' Centre Noordwijk Space Expo in the Netherlands, where a ground-to-space link is being set up with Ulf Merbold, ESA astronaut aboard the Russian space station MIR.

The children will see and hear Ulf on-board MIR as he demonstrates space experiments and explains the working and living conditions he will have inside the space station until the end of his mission on 3 November.

Press are able to follow this live retransmission and introduction to EUROMIR, animated by ESA astronaut Wubbo Ockels, and will have the opportunity to hold interviews once the event has finished. For further information and accreditation, please contact
Heidi Graf
ESTEC Public Relations
Tel: (31) 1719 830 08 Fax: (31) 1719 174 00