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N° 1–1993: ESA at the starting blocks of 1993

13 January 1993

The calendar of space activities for 1993 is, like every year, full of events and activities taking place all over the world. ESA will again play a chief role in or will be present at the following events at European and at international level.

1st half Ariane V56: Launch of the American telecommunications satellite Galaxi IV.
22/02 Meteosat 3: Inauguration of the Wallops Island ground station.
2nd half Ariane 5 B1 : First firing test of the Ariane 5 solid rocket booster in Kourou.
end STS 55/Spacelab D2 : Second German Spacelab mission with heavy ESA involvement.

12-21 MUBA, Basel -Switzerland: International trade fair and exhibition.
2nd half STS 56/Atlas 2 : Follow-up of Atlas-1 mission for atmospheric applications and science.

t.b.c. Ariane V57 : Launch of Astra 1C telecommunications satellite with Arsene as seconday passenger.
end STS 57/Eureca: Retrieval mission of ESA's Eureca platform.

t.b.c. Ariane V58 : Launch of Hispasat 1B and Insat 2B telecommunications satellites.
05-08 Geotechnica, Cologne- Germany:
International geotechnology and Earth sciences trade show and congress.
11-13 Neo-Com 93, Kiev- Ukraine:
Telecommunications and information industry fair and conference.
10-13 SPOT and ERS-1 symposium and exhibition, Paris: The results and applications of these two satellites. Co-organized by ESA and CNES.

11-20 Le Bourget, Paris- France: Space and Air show. ESA will have a large Pavilion open to the general public.
28/6-3/7 COSY: Columbus Symposium in Ischia (Naples), Italy.
t.b.c. Ariane 5 M1: First firing test of solid rocket booster with flight structure in Kourou.

31/8-5/9 MosAeroshow 93, Moscow- Russia : second Russian aviation and aerospace exhibition.
Open to the general public.
t.b.c. Ariane: 20 years of the Ariane Programme, decided in Brussels in August 1973.

11-14 2nd ERS-1 Symposium, Hamburg- Germany.
t.b.c. Ariane V59 : Launch of Spot 3 and Stella for France.

t.b.c. Ariane V60 : Launch of Intelsat VII-F1 telecommunications satellite.
16-22 IAF, Graz- Austria: Congress and exhibition.
The worldwide yearly gathering of space specialists.
19-23 SITEF, Toulouse- France: International market for advanced technologies.
t.b.c. ESA Washington Office : 20 years of ESA presence in Washington for close cooperation with NASA.
t.b.c. Ariane 5 M2: Second firing test of the Ariane 5 solid rocket booster with flight structure in Kourou.
t.b.c. Spacelab: 10th anniversary of ESA's manned space laboratory first launch.

t.b.c. Ariane V61/ MOP-3 : Launch of ESA's meteorological satellite Meteosat MOP-3 and the Mexican telecommunications satellite Solidaridad 1.
t.b.c. Maser 6 and Texus 31 sounding rocket launch with major ESA payload participation.

1st half STS-61/HST servicing : Repair mission of Hubble Space Telescope with ESA astronaut Claude Nicollier on his second shuttle flight.
t.b.c. ARIANE V62: launch of DirecTV1 and Thaicom telecommunication satellites.

Dates related to launches are very much dependent on different factors (readiness of spacecraft and/or space transportation system/launcher, etc.) and thus remain t.b.c. (to be confirmed) for quite some time. We will timely keep you informed of all these events - and of many more - with a constant flow of information.