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N° 26–1995: ESA parabolic flight competition for students Selected experiments

7 July 1995

At the closing date of the ESA parabolic flight competition for students, no less than 58 interesting and valid proposals for experiments were received from all over Europe. The proposals confirm the high interest in Space science and technology among students and also their good understanding of the Space environment and its capabilities.

The Selection Jury, under the chairmanship of ESA astronaut Wubbo Ockels, had a difficult task in selecting those experiments best adapted to be flown on the second parabolic flight for university students organised by ESA with the support of the Society of Space Engineering Students of the Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands) and of the Commission of the European union in the framework of the Second European Week for Scientific and Technological Culture in November 1995 (20-24 November 1995).

After considerations such as the high scientific value, novelty and motivation of all the proposals received, the Jury selected the 23 experiments which are listed in the table attached to this information note.

A limited number of places for journalists will be available on the parabolic flights for students. Journalists interested in obtaining more information concerning the respective experiments proposals or who would like to fly with the students should contact the ESA Public Relations Division at ESA Headquarters in Paris :

Tel (33.1)
Fax (33.1)


Country Experiment Team University
Austria Focussed by Air Manuel Reiter Linz University
Robert Holzer
Belgium Capillary effects in two phases Nicolas Boseret Brussels university
flow in porous media for enhanced Eric Istasse
oil recovery and contaminant in
soil transport modelling
France Behaviour of a mables heap in Guillaume Faure ENSAE Toulouse
microgravity Olivier Savin
Marangoni effects with Chrystel Frenois Toulouse Uiv. and ENSEEG
experimental confirmation of Laurent Catanier in collaboration with
thermovibrational convection in a Giovanni Alterio Naples University
fluid cell
Structural relaxation in Benedicte Friot Rennes University
microgravity Christophe le Deit
Germany Capillary waves without disturbing Christian Berg Bergische University Wuppertal
effects of gravity Tamim Sidili
Wilding in microgravity Thomas Kluge Technische Hochschule Aachen
Olivier Kropla
Solidification of hypermonotectic Stefan Hofacker Cologne University
Al-Pb-Bi alloys in aerogel Gugrun Korekt
crucibles (reflight)
3-dim Visibility of magnetic field Lutz Kunath and team Technical University of Berlin
Microgravity as a release of Wolfgang Nuemann Munster university in collaboration
nastic reactions explored on with Bonn universit
the example of rapid leaf
movements by Mimosa pudica
Italy Orbital Simulation Model Zaky El Hamel Naples University
Paolo Sabatini
Modes of vibration and Control Luca Soli Milan University
of bobbing on a tethered system Danielle innorta
Experimental confirmation of Massimo Piccirillo Naples University
thermovibrational convection in Achille Cicala
a fluid cell
Netherlands Wave-movements in a free Evert-Jan de Theije Nijmegen University in
hanging rope without Femke de Theije collaboration with Eindhoven
gravitational force Koen Koutstaal University
Test of the Rapunzel deployer and Michiel Kruijf Delft University in
the Star Track project Eric-Jan van der Heide collaboration with Munchen
Dieter Sabath University
Manfred Krischke
Artificial Cat Delft University
Norway Visual gravity by measurements Laurent van Ham Delft University
experiments/Space table Bjorn Ottar Elseth
Poland Diffusion flames in hyper- and Piotr Podobinski Warsaw University
microgravity Ahmed Abatorab
Switzerland Study of a liquid mirror under Alexandre Cuva Geneva University
United Kingdom Investigation into the behaviour F.J. Bell Grammar School Guilford
of invertabrates in microgravity
Fabrication of metal matrix Jason Maroothynaden Imperial College London
composite in microgravity
Thin Liquid film experiment Thomas Gribovski Utah State University in
Raghuram Tumkur collaboration with Mullard
Space Science Laboratory Surrey