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N° 14–1994: ESA press conference at the Berlin Airshow ILA'94: announcement of the ESA astronaut to fly on EUROMIR 94

20 May 1994

The European Space Agency will participate with a large space pavilion at Berlin Air Show ILA '94, open from 28 May to 6 June 1994 at the Berlin- Shoenenfeld airport.

A press conference will take place on Monday 30 May 1994 between 10:00 hrs and 11:30 hrs in the ESA pavilion, in Hall C.

On this occasion, ESA's Director General, Jean-Marie Luton, will announce which of the two astronauts currently training for the EUROMIR 94 mission Ulf Merbold from Germany and Pedro Duque from Spain- is to become the No 1 astronaut for this mission.

Panellists at the press conference include Joerg E. Feustel-B.echl, ESA Director for Manned Spaceflight and Microgravity, and Karl-Egon Reuter, Head of the Director's General cabinet.

General Klimuk, Chief of the Youri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre and Prof. Semionov, Director General of NPO-Energia, have been invited along with Russian EUROMIR cosmonauts to participate in the press conference.

A press briefing with Ulf Merbold and Pedro Duque will be held immediatel after the press conference.

Journalists wishing to attend the press conference are requested to send the attached form, preferably by Fax, to the ESA External Communications Division.

ESA at ILA '94

The 1500 sqm space pavilion at ILA'94, jointly set up by ESA, the German Space Agency (DARA), the German Aerospace Industry Association (BDLI) and the German Aerospace Research Establishment (DLR) will give a comprehensive overview of current and future space activities.
A space forum inside the pavilion will feature, every day from 10:00 to 1 hrs, panel discussions, presentations for young people, a space quiz and ballet. The German TV network N-TV will broadcast live from the space pavilion every day for about 40 minutes, in the time-frame 14:00-16:00 hr

Interview partners and Press facilities in the space pavilion

Interview partners and experts in different fields will be available upon ESA astronaut Claude Nicollier will be available on 5 June. Please contac ESA press officers in the ESA Press Room in the pavilion for bookings of interviews. There, representatives of the media will also find comprehens documentation, photos and video tapes (in Betacam SP/PAL format).