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N° 7–1993: First Ariane-5 solid booster test scores well

23 February 1993

Analysis of the main parameters recorded during the first test, on 16 February, of the solid-propellant booster for ESA's Ariane-5 launcher confirms that all went well. In particular, the pressure and temperature values match predictions. Visual inspection has shown that all the booster parts are in good condition, i.e. the thermal protection, igniter, nozzle throat, etc.

These good results, which will be consolidated by a detailed analysis of all 600 measurements taken during the firing, mean that the Ariane-5 launcher development plan can be confirmed, leading to a first launch in October 1995. The plan comprises 7 other tests on the booster teststand, to be carried out every three and a half months on average.

The test was carried out under the responsibility of EUROPROPULSION(*), with CNES(**) in overall charge. The P 230 booster is part of ESA'S Ariane-5 programme, the Agency having delegated CNES prime contractor.

(*) A joint subsidiary of BPD Difesa e Spazio (Italy) and the Soci.t. Europ.enne de Propulsion (France)
(**) Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (France)