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N° 10–1993: First European Conference on Space Debris

9 March 1993

The European Space Agency (ESA) will organise the first European Conference on Space Debris between 5 and 7 April 1993 at its European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany. The French (CNES), Italian (ASI) and German (DARA) space agencies and the British National Space Centre (BNSC) co-sponsor the first event ever on the studies carried out in Europe under the leadership of ESA. This international forum will be a unique opportunity for experts from the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan and Europe to take stock of the activities undertaken as space debris is becoming a growing concern for manned and unmanned space activities.

Many questions will be raised such as how many debris and meteoroids are in near-Earth orbit, the computer tools available or being developed to predict the growing number of natural and man-made debris, the analysis of material returned from space and the risk run by satellites in general and in geostationary orbit in particular.

The presentations range from the orbital debris environment projections for the Space Station Freedom to the impacts detected on the Long Duration Exposure Facility including the post-flight investigation programme for the first solar generator of the Hubble Space Telescope that will be recovered in December 1993.

A round table discussion scheduled for 7 April 1993 will explore the possibilities offered to control and regulate debris.

The problem of space debris requires discussion by all partners active in space. The European Space Agency has chosen to be instrumental in this joint effort and created a Space Debris Working Group in 1986. The conference will give exposure to the first results.

Journalists are welcome to follow the whole conference. For more information or requests for accreditation, please contact the Public Relations Office at ESOC, Darmstadt (Germany) -
Tel. +49 6151.90.2270/ 90.2696 -
Fax +49 6151.90.2961.