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N° 28–1995: First hot qualification test on Ariane-5 upper stage

28 July 1995

The first long-duration hot qualification test on the Ariane-5 storable propellant stage was performed at 3 p m on 27 July 1995 on the Daimler-Benz Aerospace teststand at Lampoldshausen, Germany.


The test lasted 1027 seconds, the in-flight burn-time for a launch Into geostationary transfer orbit. It was preceded on 18 July by a short-duration test (15 seconds) to check the behaviour of the stage engine during the start-up phase under the most demanding conditions.

The Ariane-5 storable propellant stage has been developed by Daimler-Benz Aerospace (DASA) Ariane-5 is a programme of the European Space Agency, ESA, which has delegated overall industrial responsibility to the French Space Agency, CNES

* The storable propellant stage, located at the top of the launcher between the vehicle equipment bay and the payload, is powered by the Aestus engine. which develops a thrust of 27.5 kN in vacuo and consumes 3.2 tonnes of hydrazine and 6.5 tonnes of nitrogen peroxide for a burn-time of approximately 1100 seconds