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N° 22–2007: From the Earth to … the Earth, with ESA, at 'Le Bourget 2007'

30 May 2007

The 47th international Paris Air Show will open its doors on Monday 18 June, until Sunday 24 June (*), and promises to be an outstanding event, with almost 2000 exhibitors present, and over 200 000 visitors expected. This year, a highly significant one for the space sector throughout the world, the European Space Agency is returning to le Bourget to take visitors to its pavilion on a special journey from the Earth to … the Earth!


The ESA pavilion will be back in its usual place between the full-size models of Ariane 1 and Ariane 5, just beside the Air and Space Museum. On entering the 400m2 exhibition area, visitors will be launched from our blue planet into outer space to explore the cosmos virtually and find out about ESA’s astronomy missions of the past and future. They will then take a close look at the solar system thanks to huge spectacular images of the Sun, Venus, Mars, Titan and the Moon, all places where ESA has now "set foot".

The voyage will continue over terrain where robots will show what they will be able to do on faraway planets in the not-so-distant future, in particular on a European mission to Mars (ExoMars). Today’s human presence in space will be highlighted by scale models of ESA’s Columbus module and Jules Verne ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle); these two main elements of ESA’s human spaceflight programme will reach the International Space Station towards the end of the year, while three ESA astronauts (Paolo Nespoli from Italy, Leopold Eyharts from France and Hans Schlegel from Germany) are set to fly to the Space Station between autumn and winter this year. Amazing 3-D images taken on the Space Station will enable visitors of all ages to experience the wonder of "almost being there".

Models of launchers of today and tomorrow will bring across their key role in Europe’s space programme and pre-eminence in the field of space transportation systems, while visitors gradually come back down to Earth and discover space tools for monitoring our fragile planet, analysing climate change and helping take better are of our environment and the security of all citizens. The last stop on this journey will bring visitors close to telecommunication and satellite navigation systems, with a detour through the world of technology, which spreads its value across all the various projects.

The press will be able to meet ESA’s Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain during an opening press conference on Monday 18 June at 16:00 hrs. On Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 June most of the ESA Directors will be available for one-on-one interview on request (**). Other ESA experts in various disciplines will be on hand for interviews and to provide background information during the entire Air Show.

ESA astronauts will be "on stage" to reach out to media and the general public on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June.

Moreover, on the night of Friday 15 June, in anticipation of Le Bourget, ESA - in partnership with CNES and with the support of the City of Paris - is organising a major event for the general public, "Paris fête l'espace", at the place du Trocadéro, preceded by a reception on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. A dedicated call to press to highlight this event is being published separately.

A more precise calendar of the various ESA events at Le Bourget will be posted on the ESA website at a later stage, closer to the opening day.

For more information:

Brigitte Kolmsee, Media Relations Office

Communication Department

Tel :+ 331 5639 7299

Fax: + 331 5369 7690


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More information on the Paris Air Show:

(*) Press and trade visitors are welcome during the entire Show (7:00-19:00 hrs for the press and 9:30-18:00 for professional visitors), while the general public is welcome from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 June (9:30-18:00 hrs).

(**) Media accreditation and interview requests:

Note: Media interested in attending the above events are kindly requested to return the attached form, duly filled out, by Friday 15 June (fax + 33 (0)1 5369 7690). Do not forget to bring your press card or press credentials.

For free access to the Air Show, media accreditation is available from GIFAS (tel. + 33 (0)1 44 43 17 62 or see


Reply form

Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2007- 18-24 June 2007

Last name: __________________ First name:_________________

Media represented: ________________________________________

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I will attend the following events:

Monday 18 June

( ) 16:00-17:30

"The European Space Policy is now a reality: where do we go from here?" – Press conference with ESA Director General Jean-Jacques Dordain.

Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 June

( ) 10:00-17:00

Press meets ESA’s Directors - interview opportunities all day (location: ESA Pavilion Press Centre).

I would like to interview:

( ) Jean-Jacques Dordain, Director General.

( ) Antonio Fabrizi, Director of Launchers.

( ) Michel Courtois, Director of Technical and Quality Management.

( ) Ludwig Kronthaler, Director of Resources Management.

( ) Volker Liebig, Director of Earth Observation Programmes.

( ) René Oosterlinck, Director of Legal and External Relations.

( ) Daniel Sacotte, Director of Human Spaceflight, Microgravity and Exploration Programmes.

( ) David Southwood, Director of Science Programme.

( ) Giuseppe Viriglio, Director of Telecommunications and Navigation Programmes.

( ) Gaele Winters, Director of Operations and Infrastructure.

Please return this form by 15 June to:

Brigitte Kolmsee

ESA Media Relations Office,

Communication Department

Tel: + 331 5369 7299

Fax. +331 5369 7690


For further information:

ESA - Media Relations Service

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Fax: +33.(0)1.5369.7690