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N° 23–1993: International Colloquium - Paris, 10-13 May 1993 From optical to radar: SPOT and ERS applications .

5 May 1993

Following seven years of using the SPOT system (the third satellite in the series, SPOT-3, will be launched in September this year), and two years after the launch of ERS-1, the French Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES) and the European Space Agency (ESA) are holding an important colloquium with the title From optical to radar: SPOT and ERS applications.

This is designed to show the relevance and complementary nature of optical and radar data for operational applications, using examples of the joint processing and use of data from the SPOT and ERS Earth observation satellites.
Some sixty specialists from a wide range of countries will meet in Paris to present their work on perfecting operational methods and on incorporating these in actual projects.
Almost 350 persons are registered for the event, which will provide an opportunity to discuss the following broad areas of application:

  • - Renewable resources: crops, water, forests, oceans, etc.
  • - Non-renewable resources: geology, mine prospecting, etc. - Land management: town planning, transport, mapping, civil engineering works.
  • - Major international programmes: environmental monitoring and management.

This programme will also make it possible to look at recent technical developments in satellite image processing.

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