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N° 29–1996: Presentation of Inquiry Board findings

12 July 1996

(Joint ESA/CNES press release) Professor Jacques-Louis Lions and Dr Lennart Lübeck, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Ariane 501 Inquiry Board, accompanied by Mr Jean-Marie Luton, the Director General of ESA, and Alain Bensoussan, the Chairman of CNES, will present the findings of the Inquiry Board set up after the Ariane 501 launch failure (see ESA/CNES press releases of 6 and 10 June) at a press conference at ESA Headquarters on Monday 22 July at 1500 hours.

The press conference will also be transmitted live (sound only) at certain ESA and CNES establishments and offices (see list on attached accreditation form).

Journalists wishing to attend are requested to confirm this by completing and faxing the attached form to the relevant Establishment or to ESA's Public Relations Division ((+31 1) 53 69 76 90).