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N° 49–1995: Shuttle/Mir docking: EUROMIR 95 press conference and Joint Crew News Conference

10 November 1995

In the context of the STS-74/Mir mission scheduled between 11 -19 November (see ESA Press Release no. 47-95), a series of in-flight special events will take place to enhance public awareness of the Shuttle/Mir docking. In particular, on flight day 6 -Thursday 16 November, assuming that launch will take place as scheduled on Saturday 11 November- a "Joint Crew News Conference" with all crew members has been scheduled, involving US, Russian, Canadian and ESA media.

ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter, currently on board Mir for the 180 day long EUROMIR 95 mission, will be part of the international crew that represents almost all the partners of the future international space station (US/Russia/Europe/canada and Japan).

Media representatives are invited to attend a press conference at ESA's Head Office, Paris, along the following programme:

Date: Thursday 16 November, 1995

Location: ESA Head Office, Paris- Room A

14:15 hrs Arrival of Press
14:30 hrs International Cooperation and Manned Space Flight, by Jorg Feustel-Buechl, Director of ESA Manned Space Flight and Microgravity programme.
15:00 hrs Status of the EUROMIR 95 mission and brief summary of the STS-74 mission, by ESA Astronaut Ulf Merbold. 15:26 hrs Link up with Shuttle/Mir complex.
Q&A sessions with media from the US, TsUP, Canada and ESA. 15:55 hrs End of link-up.
16:00 hrs Continuation of Q&A in Room A with J. Feustel Buechl and U. Merbold.
16:30 hrs End of event.

Media representatives wishing to attend are kindly requested to fill-in and return the attached form- preferably by fax- to the ESA Public Relations Division in Paris (fax. + 33 1 5369 7690).

Note for Moscow based media representatives:
The Joint Crew News Conference can be followed at the TsUP Mission Control Center in Kaliningrad as of 17:00 hrs Moscow time. For accreditation please contact the ESA Moscow Office, tel. 095 928 75 29 or 095 956 77 57.