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N° 30–1996: Signature of two Agreements between ESA and Canada

8 July 1996

Mr John Manley, Canadian Minister for Industry, and Mr Jean-Marie Luton, Director General of the European Space Agency (ESA), met in Ottawa on Wednesday 10 July to discuss relations between Canada and ESA, in the presence of Mr. W. Mac Evans, President of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). Mr Luton and Mr Mac Evans signed two Agreements on participation by Canada in two ESA programmes : the General Support Technology Programme (GSTP) and the Advanced Research in Telecommunications Systems Programme (ARTES).


The Canadian contributions to these programmes will amount to some 8 million Accounting Units (15 million Canadian dollars) and will enable European and Canadian industry to cooperate in critical high technology areas such as remote sensing and satellite communications. "Canada is an important partner to the European Space Agency, providing unique advanced technology expertise in various areas" said Mr. Luton. "Canada's contribution has led to the advancement of our programmes and continues to enrich and stimulate our respective efforts. We look forward to continued cooperation for many years to come".

"Today, we are making an investment in Canada's scientific, technical, and industrial future which will have far-reaching benefits, said Mr. Mac Evans. "Industrial contracts and strategic alliances with key European space companies are some of the principal economic benefits this strategic investment provides".

Mr Manley stressed "the value of Canada's partnership with ESA, our second largest space partner. These agreements further cement a long-standing relationship that has resulted in economic benefits for Canadian industry ".

Canada has been an ESA Cooperating State since 1979 and is the only non-European country participating directly in ESA programmes.