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N° 5–1995: Travelling Exhibition for High Schools in Germany

8 February 1995

The Bavarian Minister for Education, Culture, Science and the Arts, Dr. Hans Zehetmair, today inaugurated a Space Exhibition at the Luitpold Gymnasium in Munich (Germany). From 23 February, the exhibition will travel around the high schools in the Munich area, and then throughout Bavaria as from the 1995/96 school year.

The space exhibition is organised by DLR, the German Aerospace Research Centre, and by the Bavarian Space industry with a major contribution from ESA who provides panels and scale-models of launchers and spacecraft. Its purpose is to introduce the exploration of Space and the many applications of space technology to young people by means of interactive computer demonstrations and lectures by scientists and engineers.

This exhibition joins another, the ESA Travelling Science Exhibition which has already been visited by thousands of youngsters at the main German science museums and planetariums.

"I am confident that this encouraging first step will soon be followed by further initiatives to bring young people into contact with Space exploration and the vast potential of space technology", said Karl-Egon Reuter, Head of Cabinet to ESA's Director General, at the opening ceremony.