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N° 23–1995: Update of ESA media events at "salon du Bourget"

6 June 1995


ESA, the European commission and Eurocontrol have established as joint programme for the development of a satellite navigation system to support, in particular, air traffic control. Its first phase included the development of an infrastructure required to make use of existing navigation satellite systems, mainly for commercial aircraft navigation. The second phase will prepare the European contribution to a dedicated civilian satellite navigation system.


The programme as well as its political and technical context will be presented at a Press Conference on Sunday 11 June 1995, 09:30-11:00 hrs in the ESA pavilion.

The panel of speakers includes:
René Collette, ESA, Director of Telecommunications Programme;
Jürgen Erdmenger, Commission of the European Union, Director in the DG VII;
Philip Escritt, Eurocontrol, Director of EATCHIP Development.

Observation of the Earth and its Environment

ESA's ERS-2 satellite was successfully launched on 21 April 1995 and acquired its first SAR image on 2 May 1995. During the month of May this year, a series of first images and validation results have been obtained. These results, and an up-to-date status report on the various instruments on board ERS-2 , will be presented at a press briefing on June 16 1995, 11:00-12:30 hrs, in the ESA pavilion.

Speakers on the panel will be:
Lanfranco Emiliani, Director of Observation of the Earth and its Environment;
Francis Roscian, Head of ESA/ESRIN;
Guy Duchossois, Head of Earth Observation Mission Management.

The complete updated agenda of the ESA events is attached for your convenience. Please notice that the schedule for certain events has changed with respect to what previously announced.

Reminder for TV networks: ESA and LCI have arranged for support to TV teams. Equipment and technical specialists are available for shooting, editing and transmitting. For further information please contact ESA's PR division (+ 33 1 5369 7155).