Jules Verne ATV Demonstration Day 2 sequence of events

ESA's ATV Control Centre, Toulouse
31 March 2008

Today, mission controllers at ESA's ATV Control Centre in Toulouse, France, will pace Jules Verne through a second day of crucial manoeuvres designed to demonstrate the vessel's navigation capabilities.

The second demonstration day will test ATV close proximity manoeuvring and control including testing contingency manoeuvres for the ATV Control Centre and the ISS crew. ATV will manoeuvre to within 11 metres of the docking port of the ISS Russian Service Module Zvezda. ATV will also navigate for the first time using a laser-based optical system.

Demonstration Day 2 ends with the ISS crew sending an ESCAPE command sending ATV away from the Station.

Data collected during Demonstration Day 2 will be made available to ISS managers for their go-ahead to proceed with a first docking attempt on Thursday. Jules Verne ATV is scheduled to dock with ISS at 16:41 CEST (14:41 UT) on 3 April.

Jules Verne ATV manoeuvres during Demonstration Day 2

Sequence of events

Note: all times subject to change

Time CEST   Activity                    Distance to ISS14:26       Depart station point S-1/2  39 km15:12       Arrive at station point S1  15.5 km15:58       Arrive at station point S2  3.5 km17:10       Arrive at station point S3  249 m17.53       Retreat test17:55       Hold test17:59       Resume test18:13       Arrive at station point S4  19 m18:31       Arrive at station point S41 11 m18:34       Retreat from S41            11 m18:36       Arrive at station point S4  19 m18:38-18:45 Perform 'Escape' from S4            

Today’s events will be streamed live on the ESA website (courtesy of NASA TV). The broadcast starts at 16:00 CEST (14:00 UT) and continues until 18:45 CEST (16:45 UT).

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