ATV-CC during rendezvous simulation
ATV Control Centre (ATV-CC)

The ATV procedures describe in detail the individual steps executed at ATV-CC.

There are two sets of procedures used by the ATV-CC controllers during an ATV flight:

  • The Flight Control Procedure related to ATV are used to send commands to ATV and monitor proper execution.
  • The Ground Control Procedures do not deal directly with ATV. These procedures manage the different segments and communications logistics to make the ground stations work as one system.

    The ground team uses the Ground Control Procedures to ensure that their computers, consoles, links to the radio stations, to satellites, to the Artemis satellite control centre and to the other Mission Control Centres all work as a system.

Multi-elements procedures

Mission Control Centre near Moscow

For the joint activities related to an ATV in orbit, specific high level procedures, called Multi Elements Procedures, are developed, to allocate the tasks to be performed by the centres involved. Every control centre - ATV-CC, CC-M or MCC-H - has its own clearly defined role.

Each centre is responsible for developing its own procedures: ATV-CC will develop the Flight Control Procedures necessary to perform the tasks allocated to it as part of the Multi Elements Procedures.

For example, the crucial refuelling and the reboost steps performed by ATV during the attached phase with the International Space Station are under controlled by the Russian segment and the Russian ground controllers in Moscow, Russia. However, the approach of ATV towards the Space Station after separation from its Ariane 5 launcher until the final rendezvous is under control of ATV-CC.

Mission Control, Houston
Mission Control Center in USA

Operations Interface Procedures

The Operations Interface Procedures are standard procedures used to exchange information between control centres involved in an ATV mission (ATV-CC, MCC-M, MCC-H).

They are developed jointly by all partners and address:

  • Establishment of a communication session between ATV and ATV-CC using the US relay satellite TDRSS
  • Exchange of information between the different control centres to prepare and conduct an ATV mission (timing, information on Space Station and ATV status, scheduling of operations, etc...)
  • Voice communication between the control centres during the ATV mission

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