Jules Verne ATV docks with ISS
Jules Verne ATV docks with the International Space Station

Replay of ATV docking and Demonstration Day 2

Video replay of Jules Verne ATV docking with the International Space Station on 3 April 2008 (above). The ISS crew can be seen monitoring the docking from inside the Russian Zvezda module. Docking took place after two demonstration days during which the capabilities of ESA's first Automated Transfer Vehicle were thoroughly tested.

The second video replay below shows highlights of Demonstration Day 2 on 31 March 2008 when Jules Verne ATV approached the International Space Station to within 11 metres. ATV can be seen rapidly moving away from the Station after the crew sent an Escape command.

Both replays are shown faster than realtime.

Jules Verne ATV during Demonstration Day 2
Jules Verne ATV approaches the ISS during the second of two demonstration days prior to docking

Last update: 25 April 2008

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