Day 6: Friday 26 October

26 October 2001

Today, nearly halfway through their stay on the International Space Station, Claudie Haigneré and her colleagues were able to start on the navigation part of the COGNI experiment that had previously been delayed due to technical problems.

An experiment that is ongoing throughout the mission is the Plasma Kristall Experiment, or PKE. PKE is now starting to produce impressive images showing ever-changing patterns of macroscopic particles in plasma.

The astronauts have also been undergoing tests to look at memory function and reaction time under conditions of microgravity as part of the COGNI experiment.

The International Space Station was today awarded the '2001 Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation'. Together with the Expedition 3 crew, the Andromède crew; Victor, Konstantin and Claudie, received the prize during an in-flight call to Spain. Representing the international team who together have built the International Space Station, the two crews received the congratulations of HRH Don Felipe of Spain from an award ceremony in Oviedo that was attended by the highest representatives of the ISS partner space agencies, as well as Spain's ESA astronaut Pedro Duque.

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