Day 8: Sunday 28 October

28 October 2001

On Sunday morning Claudie hosted a guided tour through 'her' Space Station in a recording she had made the previous day with her crewmate Victor Afanassiev. The video showed impressive scenes, starting with a view of the Soyuz attached to the Space Station, with the Canadian Robotic Arm in the background, through the modules of the Russian segments into the Destiny laboratory and into the Airlock module, where she has set up her living and sleeping room. Live from space she also presented a one Euro coin, a true first in space.

Back at work, Claudie took care of the second to last Aquarius experiment run and performed both parts of the COGNI experiment. Claudie also tracked down answers to questions concerning the Plasma Kristall Experiment, as in a space-to-ground radio session she showed her impressive linguistic skills switching between Russian, German and English technical terms.

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