Human spaceflight day quiz

14 April 2014

On 12 April 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to travel into space and orbit Earth. Every 12 April the beginning of the space era is celebrated at an international level. This year ESA invited you to join the celebration and test your knowledge on the upcoming European spaceflight activities with a quiz on Facebook. The quiz is now over but here are the questions, click on continue to see the answers:

1. What was ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst’s occupation before becoming an ESA astronaut?

a) Fencer

b) Geophysicist

c) Studying for a PhD in Volcanology

2. ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst’s  mission is called Blue Dot. What does the name refer to?

a) To ESA’s logo

b) To the first image of Earth taken by NASA’sVoyagerspacecraft

c) To astronomer Carl Sagan’s description of our planet as seen from the outer Solar System

3. Alexander will work with science equipment delivered by ATV Georges Lemaître.Which experiment is he going to install on the Space Station?

a) Electromagnetic Levitator


c) Gravi-2

4. ESA astronauts Alexander Gerst and Samantha Cristoforetti will live and work in space this year. When was the last time two ESA astronauts had long-duration missions in the same year?

a) In 2011, with Paolo Nespoli and Roberto Vittori

b) In 2006, with Thomas Reiter and Christer Fuglesang

c) It has never happened before

5. ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti will eat a variety of food in space. Which space agency will provide most of her menu?

a) ESA


c) Roscosmos

6. ESA’s Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen is set to fly to the International Space Station next year. What is the name of his 10-day mission?

a) ‘Karve’, a type of Viking ship for human transport

b) ‘Videnskab’, meaning science in Danish

c) It does not have a name yet

7. How many European astronauts have participated in ESA’s CAVES underground training course?

a) Three

b) Four

c) Five

8. ESA astronaut Timothy Peake will fly to the International Space Station in 2015. He is…

a) Britain’s first astronaut on a mission to the Space Station

b) The seventh British-born person bound for space

c) Both answers are correct

9. What was the translated title of the TEDx talk given by ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet?

a) How to become an astronaut

b) Why should we believe in space exploration?

c) Learning to fly

10. Water flooded ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano’s helmet on his second spacewalk during his Volare mission. What caused the leak?

a) Drinking water from his spacesuit’s flask leaked out through the straw

b) A blocked filter in the cooling system of the spacesuit

c) It is not yet known

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  1. b
  2. c
  3. a
  4. c
  5. b
  6. c
  7. b
  8. c
  9. b
  10. b
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