Student experiments for the ISS

19 September 2007

In order to stimulate the minds of young people, the European Space Agency (ESA), one of the major partners in the International Space Station (ISS) programme, is organising the SUCCESS Student Contest.

Undergraduate university students can participate to this contest and propose an experiment that they would like to be conducted on board the ISS.

The proposed experiment has to utilise one of the unique features provided by the ISS, such as for example: weightlessness, the fact that ISS provides a viewport to the universe without looking through the atmosphere, the global view of the Earth, the isolated environment of the crew etc.

The first prize of the contest is a one-year paid internship at ESA’s research and technology centre ESTEC in the Netherlands where the winner(s) can work, with the support of a dedicated team, on their own experiment, preparing it for conduct on board the International Space Station. “The experience is not only incredibly inspiring, it also prepares the participating students for a future career either at ESA or within the European space industry” says Rogier Schonenborg, SUCCESS student contest project manager.

Participating students shall describe their initial ideas in a one A4 page essay that shall be submitted via the SUCCESS web page:, where additional information can also be found.

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