Christer Fuglesang's space diary #2

Fuglesang moves through a hatch on Discovery
12 December 2006

1 day, 18 hours, 15 minutes. We have started to fly towards the ISS and will dock in two hours. We can already see the Space Station far away. It looks really cool when it is high above the horizon. One of my tasks is to take pictures of the ISS and I have already started with our 400 mm lens.

I slept rather well tonight, without dreams. I saw several flashes of light. I am still incredibly fascinated by floating around in weightlessness. Sometimes it is hard to keep things in order.

At one time we made an inventory of a box in SpaceHab, and it seemed as if there was a bag missing. Later, it appeared to have floated away without us noticing it and was hiding under another box. I play with candy - I "throw" a piece of candy away, and another crew member catches it in the mouth.

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