Christer Fuglesang's space diary #5

Shuttle and ISS crews take part in a joint news conference
17 December 2006

So much is happening that I do not have time to write e-mails. Yesterday we talked to the media and it was great. The interest is phenomenal.

It was a bit embarrassing during the press event together with the whole crew, when almost half of the event went to Sweden and all the questions were for me. What you did not hear was all the humorous remarks around me! :-)

But the atmosphere amongst the crew is really good and we all get along and have fun together. Later, I had a videoconference with my family. It was really nice to see them and talk to them for 20 minutes.

We have had quiet evenings. The lights are turned off inside the Shuttle, so we tend to go to bed on time. That means I cannot write any e-mails. I like to go to bed a bit later, and have stayed up with Thomas and Micha in the Russian module.

I have slept in the Russian airlock the last two nights. There are two windows in there and I could, in peace and quiet, watch the Earth quickly move by beneath us. Unfortunately though, I have no computer there to look up our exact position.

I look forward to another spacewalk in two days! It seems a certainty now. And yet one day more in space!

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