ESA astronaut Hans Schlegel during his first spacewalk

Schlegel's spacewalk in pictures

ESA astronaut Hans Schlegel completed his first ever spacewalk on 13 February 2008. The second spacewalk of the STS-122 Shuttle mission lasted six hours 45 minutes. This photo was taken from one of the windows on Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Schlegel and Walheim get ready

Shortly after the spacewalk officially started to 15:27 CET (14:27 UT), Schlegel and NASA astronaut Rex Walheim headed out of the International Space Station’s Quest Airlock.


The spacewalkers main task was to replace a nitrogen tank used to pressurise the Station's ammonia cooling system. The replacement of the tank is part of regular Station maintenance. A new nitrogen tank was carried to ISS inside Atlantis’ payload bay.

Working on Columbus
A view of the European Columbus laboratory installed in its new home on the International Space Station.
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