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ESA provides a vision of Europe’s future, on Earth as much as among the stars, because technology developed for human success in space benefits people back on Earth too.

From fitness and nutrition to science and medicine, ESA offers companies and organisations a unique opportunity to partner with space experts, scientists and technologists and to gain access to the International Space Station (ISS), a truly unique laboratory in space. ESA’s Healthcare Network (EHCN) and the ESA Space Solutions brand make distinctive assets available to users, from stunning research facilities to extraordinary promotional opportunities. Quite literally an out-of-this-world opportunity.


Wellness and healthcare benefit from the unique findings of space medicine. Scientifically tested advances in fitness, nutrition, wellness and healthcare technologies will find willing consumers when backed by solid research carried out in the unique conditions of microgravity and endorsed by the ESA Space Solutions brand.

Research carried out during long term space missions on Mir and more recently on ISS has progressively increased our knowledge of the striking effects induced on the body by the absence of gravity. Muscle degradation, bone loss and a generalised physical deconditioning among others, closely mimic the aging process and the effects induced on the body by sedentary lifestyles.


Plugging into space know-how

These aspects represent a new and important opportunity: to use space as a specialised environment to study and develop innovations improving the quality of life of the elderly and preventing diseases induced by the lack of physical activity.

Space research can cast some light upon several major diseases such as osteoporosis, which affects 50% of women and 15% of men above 60 in western countries. Fluid shift can be used as a model for cardiovascular diseases. Muscular research in microgravity can help prepare more efficient exercise programmes providing more results with less sacrifice.


Many successes have already been realised as demonstrated by the growing number of peer reviewed scientific publications generated through ESA funded research and the many application oriented projects (Microgravity Application Projects) involving top European industries.

Nevertheless much more can be done by partnering with leading industries and focusing on a fundamental aspect of our society and a growing market: health and wellness.

To illustrate, we’ve outlined some of the opportunities in this website. There are many others. Contact us to discuss your ideas. You’d be surprised at what ESA can do for your business.


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