Give your brand a boost that goes beyond global

Go beyond glabal

Why not let the learning of space help your company increase the quality of its offering? The “ESA Space Solutions” brand along with EHCN is the world’s only endorser that features outer space – and astronauts working for the benefit of health and science.

Because of the serious scientific nature of our business, our brand will never be associated with anything or anyone below the highest standards.

The ESA Space Solutions Brand has many different uses:

  • On your product or packaging
  • In your brochures and promotional materials
  • At events and trade fairs
  • In advertising materials
  • In corporate videos
  • For a truly exceptional partner, on a product or package flown to, and filmed on, the International Space Station

Contact us today regarding endorsement prospects that are sure to make you stand out from the competition.

Last update: 20 October 2005

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