In space, fitness is essential

Using the exercise bike to counteract physiological effects of spaceflight

Because weightlessness results in acute bone and muscle loss during space missions, fitness is a vital part of any astronaut’s experience. The physical consequences of space flight actually mimic the way our bodies degrade as we age or become inactive but in a much shorter time, in what we call an accelerated ageing process. In this regard, ESA’s know-how and unique technologies offer crucial help to European astronauts as well as people on Earth.

Special exercise programmes, equipment and named countermeasures are prescribed to the crewmembers. Astronauts need to train in order to remain healthy. And that’s why ESA’s astronaut training approach, simply designed to keep healthy people fit, is ideal for the many consumers that merely seek to stay in shape. ESA can help you adapt it for application across your fitness centres.

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The Yo Yo “Flywheel” resistance trainer, an exercise device that was originally studied for astronauts on board the International Space Station but to boost muscle performance and prevent wastage, is one good example of special fitness product which was developed with the contribution of ESA. This lightweight and compact system is ideal for home use.

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Join forces with ESA to develop, validate and promote your company’s fitness products today. Contact ESA for commercialisation opportunities and facility use available on board the ISS.

Last update: 19 October 2005

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