Only a limited supply of fresh food on the ISS

We have all felt guilty at one time or another for not consuming the recommended proportions of fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods. Our increasingly fast-paced lifestyles simply don’t offer us enough chances to take in all of the necessary vitamins and minerals that a natural diet provides. That’s why people today are increasingly turning to dietary supplements and nutraceuticals in an attempt to cover their nutritional requirements.

Astronauts living on board the ISS have a similar problem. They cannot keep a ready supply of fresh foodstuffs, so they must find other ways of taking in the nutrients they need to keep their minds and bodies operating well in extraordinary, high-performance conditions.

Of course, not every supplement makes the grade. Those cleared for use by space faring astronauts must show demonstrated benefits and undergo rigorous approvals. Yet this is precisely what could distinguish them in a marketplace crowded with a plethora of “me too” products that make extravagant claims rarely backed by research data.

People from all walks of life are becoming interested in the benefits of nutritional supplements for a variety of reasons. If you think your nutrition company is unique enough to partner with ESA, get in touch with EHCN to explore new horizons today.

Last update: 20 October 2005

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