Benefits of participation

There are many benefits of becoming a participant in the ISS Education Fund.

(a) Strategic benefits

  • Supporting the making of Europe as the leading knowledge based society for the 21st century
  • Providing practical support and encouragement to Europe's young people to help them understand and learn about science and technology
  • Developing the quality of the workforce
  • Stimulating the creation of new jobs and the competitiveness of European industry

(b) Tangible benefits

  • Personal recognition
  • Opportunity to provide exposure for your organisation to high-level institutional organisations across Europe (including national Government Ministries, the European Commission, educational bodies, and teacher associations)
  • Networking opportunities with senior representatives and key decision makers in relevant organisations
  • Enhanced access to astronauts, ESA facilities, and ESA staff for appropriate events
  • Access to the educational material produced with the support of the ISS Education Fund

(c) Targeted benefits

While the education programme supported by the ISS Education Fund will be used to target students from all 17 ESA member states, some projects initially begin life as pilot projects.

These pilot projects may:

  • Run in one country only
  • Be carried out in the language of a particular country
  • Have an angle related to your organisation
  • Even come out of an idea that you have

Annual ISSEF meeting

In addition, each year ESA will hold the annual ISS Education Fund meeting and will organise around it an exciting programme of linked events. Key participating organisations have the opportunity to suggest specific venues or locations, and to work with us to enhance their exposure to ISSEF members, guests, media, and astronauts.

Meeting your needs

We appreciate that you might find it easier to join us if you can see a tangible and targeted result that meets not only our aims but yours too.

ESA is willing to work with significant participants to develop and run pilot projects in your own country, or with an angle which is related to your organisation, to ensure that there is even more benefit to you.

We are open to talk to you about this option before you join the ISSEF, or while you are working with us. We want to make this a long-term mutually beneficial relationship, and we are keen to work with you to ensure that your needs are met in return for your support.

Sponsorship opportunities

We also have opportunities for commercial organisations to support our work by sponsoring particular projects.

Non-active involvement

Of course, you might want to simply donate to the Fund but not have any active involvement thereafter; this is also possible.

Last update: 27 February 2006

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