ESA/UNICEF water quiz: competition rules

Welcome to the ESA/UNICEF water quiz!

Taking part is easy; you will learn about water on Earth and in space and answer a set of 10 quiz questions. The winner will be awarded his/her prize by ESA astronaut Frank De Winne from on board the International Space Station.

Any child aged 12 to 14 who is a resident or national of any ESA Member State* is invited to participate in the competition.

How to participate

Register to take part to the quiz and regularly check the ESA Human Spaceflight education webpages for updates ( Registration will be open from 24 August until the conclusion of the quiz.

The launch of the quiz is scheduled for 9 September. Once the quiz has started, every two days you will be asked to answer a question about water on Earth and in space.

In order to register you will be asked to provide your name, age, your email address and the email address of a parent/guardian’s so that we can inform you if you are a prize winner.

Competition rules

  • The competition is only open to children aged 12-14.

  • Registration is only accepted from residents and nationals of the ESA Member States*.
  • Registration is open from 26 August until the publication of the last question, currently scheduled for 30 September. You can still register and participate in the quiz any day before the quiz is concluded.

  • Questions will be published every two days, excluding Saturday and Sunday, at 16:00 CEST (14:00 UT). Participants are not allowed to answer previous questions after the next question has been published.

  • The winner is the child who has correctly answered the most questions. It is not necessary to answer all the questions to win.

  • In case of a tie, a tie-breaker question will identify the winner.

  • Submitted data will not be used for any other purpose than the competition itself.

  • Registration gives ESA the authorisation to publish the name, age and nationality of the winner on the ESA website.

  • By registering to take part in the quiz, participants confirm that a parent/legal guardian is informed about the submission and has agreed to it, taking into account the above conditions.

* Residents and nationals of the following states are allowed to participate in the competition: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

** UK, Ireland and Portugal 15:00 local time – Finland, Greece 17:00 local time

Last update: 26 August 2009

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