Who can participate?

Membership is open to the following groups of people or organisations through written acceptance of the Statutes of the Fund (pdf), and subject to approval by ESA and current ISSEF members.

It will include:

  • Individuals whose qualities, expertise, and experience justify their involvement
  • Industry, including the space industry
  • Commerce
  • Government organisations
  • Educational institutions and networks
  • Appropriate representative organisations, both national and international

Funding participants

Funding participation is open to individuals or organisations from one of the ESA Member States who wish to support the work of the ISS Education Fund.

List of current funding participants

Honorary participants

Honorary participation is open to individuals from ESA Member States whose qualities, expertise and experience, justify their participation as honorary participants. Entry to this category is by invitation only.

List of current honorary participants

Last update: 23 September 2004

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