Daily activities

Mission Summary

ESA astronaut Paolo Nespoli undertook experiments as part of the Esperia mission though these are not shown in the timeline below.

Flight Day 1 - Launch

  • Launch
  • Checkout of Shuttle robotic arm
  • Switch on Node 2 'Launch-to-Activation' Heaters

Flight Day 2

  • Shuttle heat shield check using robotic arm
  • Spacewalk preparations including suit checks
  • Space Station rendezvous preparations

Flight Day 3 - Docking

  • Rendezvous and docking including Shuttle backflip manoeuvre
  • Preparations for EVA 1
  • Unberth robotic arm extension to provide clearance for unberthing Node 2 during EVA 1
  • EVA astronauts 'campout' in Quest Airlock to help remove nitrogen from bloodstreams

Flight Day 4 – EVA 1

  • Retrieve and stow S-band Antenna Support Assembly; Detach Node 2 heater cables and remove cover from Node 2 aft berthing mechanism; Stow grapple fixture on Node 2; Disconnect Z1/P6 truss fluid lines; Install shrouds on P6 radiator and Sequential Shunt Unit.
  • Move and attach Node 2 to Node 1 left-hand docking port with Station robotic arm.
  • Pressurise area between Node 1 and Node 2 hatches, perform leak check, open Node 1 hatch.

Flight Day 5

  • Attach cabling between Node 1 and Node 2 and activate shell heaters
  • Enter and set up Node 2, establish ventilation
  • Shuttle heat shield survey
  • EVA 2 preparations
  • EVA astronauts 'campout' in airlock

Flight Day 6 – EVA 2

  • Disconnect Z1 to P6 truss cables; Unbolt P6; Outfit outside of Node 2 with handrails, worksite interface fixtures, gap spanners and install thermal covers; Remove Node 2 berthing mechanism restraints; Install grapple fixture on Node 2; Configure squib firing unit on S1 truss for deploying radiators; Configure router and replace failed circuit breaker on S0 truss.
  • Manoeuvre P6 truss with Station robotic arm to handoff position
  • Install Centerline Berthing Camera in Node 2
  • Install portable breathing apparatus and fire extinguisher inside Node 2

Flight Day 7

  • Deploy thermal control radiators on S1 truss
  • Hand P6 truss from Station robotic arm to Shuttle robotic arm, move Mobile Transporter to end of truss, hand P6 truss back to Station robotic arm
  • Node 2 outfitting
  • EVA 3 preparations
  • EVA astronauts 'campout' in airlock

Flight Day 8 – EVA 3

  • Bolt P6 truss to P5 truss, attach P5 to P6 cabling, remove P6 radiator restraint and cover on Sequential Shunt unit and deploy radiator, relocate main Bus Switching Unit from Shuttle cargo bay to External Stowage Platform 2
  • Deploy P6 solar arrays
  • Node 2 Outfitting

Flight Day 9

  • Shuttle/ISS transfer operations
  • EVA 4 preparations
  • EVA astronauts 'campout' in airlock
  • Crew conference

Flight Day 10 – EVA 4

  • Further inspection of Solar Alpha Rotary Joint

Flight Day 11

  • EVA 5 preparations
  • EVA astronauts ‘campout’ in airlock

Flight Day 12 – EVA 5

  • Disconnect and stow cables from Destiny to Pressurised Mating Adapter 2; Remove cover on Node 2 forward docking mechanism, demate avionics cables, and release fluid tray bolts; Temporary stow CETA light on Destiny; Configure cables for power transfer for S0 truss/Node 1/Zvezda and Pressurised Mating Adapter 1/Zarya. Retrieve Baseband Signal Processor from Z1 truss. Release bolts on P1 Nitrogen tank Assembly

Flight Day 13 - Undocking

  • Undocking
  • Station flyaround
  • Shuttle heat shield survey

Flight Day 14

  • Landing preparations

Flight Day 15 - Landing

  • Landing preparations
  • Deorbit
  • Landing

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