Free Your Ideas For the ISS

New astronauts are calling new ideas
3 December 2010

A new era for using the International Space Station (ISS) is about to start. Europe’s six new astronauts are taking the opportunity to tell you about challenging ways to use the ISS for future space exploration, and remind you that you can still submit your ideas to ESA – the deadline is 10 December.

The ISS is ideal for testing the new capabilities and technologies needed for venturing further into the Solar System. ESA is gathering fresh ideas for experiments, spacecraft systems and robotic assistance on the Station, among others.

The new astronauts are getting ready to use the orbital outpost as a testbed for future space exploration. Watch a new Astro Bite every day for the next week as the astronauts highlight some of the challenges they will face and the solutions they may need.

Astro Bites: ISS for future exploration

A Remote Space Experience

Andreas Mogensen loves to build and fly remote-controlled aircraft. In his new astronaut role, he explains how human–robot interactions can help space exploration to go further.

Problems of a Weightless Body

Luca Parmitano is ready for microgravity, but he is also aware of the problems that weightlessness can cause for the human body after a long stay in space.

How Do You Fix It In Space?

Troubleshooting is part of the challenges of living and working in space. Timothy Peake invites you to imagine auto-recovery techniques and self-repairing materials.

More – Inflatable – Room in Space

Samantha Cristoforetti knows that the International Space Station, even as the largest man-made structure in orbit, has volume constraints. Can inflatable modules be the solution?

Help with Decision-Making

Thomas Pesquet relies on simulation tools and augmented-reality techniques, some exciting ideas that can be tested on the ISS and could help him in a future mission to Mars.

Space Autonomy: It’s All About Recycling

Alexander Gerst has been in Antarctica several times and knows well how important it is to be self-sufficient in such an extreme environment. Regenerative life-support systems will also be essential for interplanetary missions.

Share your visions before 10 December

The Call for Ideas on ISS for Exploration is directed at space developers, research groups, industry, national institutions, academia and educational institutes, entrepreneurs and ESA’s own staff. Idea proposals are required by 10 December 2010 using the form on the right.

For more information, please contact:

Sylvie Espinasse
ESA Directorate of Human Spaceflight
Tel: +31 71 565 4636

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