The stars have no glass ceilings: D/HSF celebrates the International Women’s day

10 March 2011

ESA Director of Human Spaceflight was invited to one of the many ceremonies held in Europe focusing on inspiring female role models on occasion of the International Women’s day. Di Pippo was invited by the President of the Region of Lazio, in Italy, to present her testimony of a successful female leadership.

March 8th is an important day for women all over the world. The International Women’s Day is celebrated in more than 70 countries giving us an opportunity for reflection on discrimination and women’s gender equality.

"The success I have obtained”, explained Simonetta Di Pippo to the audience in Rome, “have been achieved with determination, diligence and study, capacity of taking calculated risks, innovative thinking and even a bit of sense of humour sometimes".

"I was able to get to the results because of my continuous commitment to self-improvement, to learn from experience, and to 'feel' the situations and the people. This is an asset that women have and that can be very beneficial to all", she added.

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