Acronyms & abbreviations - B

BA Bus Adapter
BAF Biological Air Filter
BAM Bone Analysis Module
BAR Browsing, Analysis and Reporting system
BAT Battery
BB Broad Band/Bread-Board
BBM Bread-Board Model
BC Basic Cover
Basic Coverage
Bit Conditioner
BCE Battery Control Electronic
BCF Black Command File
BCPKT Broadcast Packet
BCR Battery Charge Regulator
BD Bypass Data
BDC Baseline Data Collection
BDR Battery Discharge Regulator
BEE Best Engineering Estimate
BEP Back End Processor
BER Burst Excess Rate
Bit Error Rate
BERT Bit Error Rate Tests
BET-method Brunauer, Emmet and Teller-method (for surface-area characterization)
BGB BioGloveBox
BGP Border Gateway Protocol
BGO Bismuth Germanate Oxide
BI Business Intelligence applications
bin Binary
BioLab Biological Laboratory (multi-user facility)
BIS British Interplanetary Society
BITE Built-In Test Equipment
Bits/s Bits per second
BIV VEGA Integration Building
BK Back - Up
BLK Block
BM Breadboard Model
BMD Battery Mode Detector Status (Signal)
BMP Image file name extension, Bitmap
BMTC Biotechnology Mammalian Tissue Culture facility
BNC Bayonet N-Connector (Standard Coaxial Connector)
BNSC British National Space Centre
BO Business Objects
BOL Beginning of Life
BOM Beginning of Mission
BOT Beginning of Tape
BP Broadcast Packet
BPF Band-Pass Filter
BPR Budget Preparation and Revision
bps bits per second
BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying
bR Bacteriorhodopsin
BRAT Bit-Rate-Allocation Table
BRI  Basic-Rate Interface
BRIC Countries Brazil, Russia, India, China
BSSC Board for Software Standardisation and Control
BSI British Standards Institute
BSLD Baseline Service-Level Definition
BSM Belgian Soyuz Mission
BT British Telecom
BTW By The Way
BW Black and White
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