DLR - Fast rotating clinostat microscopes

Fast rotating clinostat microscopes (three devices) provide online observation. Different light-microscopical contrasting techniques, such as bright field, phase contrast, differential interference contrast, are available.

One clinostat equipped with an inverted microscope (providing long distance between lens systems and sample) enables fluorescence techniques for semi-quantitative spectroscopy, additionally.

Cuvette clinostats (three devices) providing two accommodations for the processing of two samples in parallel, each, are available. The experiments can be performed under controlled temperature and illumination and a defined gas atmosphere. The transfer of liquids for the application of markers or fixatives during sample processing is possible. These cuvette clinostats can be used in combination with other in-house equipment.

Laboratory space and equipment for preparation and post-processing of experiments is available. A three-chamber-system for activation and fixation of samples (sample chamber for controlled processing) on all offered rotating facilities like clinostats and centrifuges can be offered which handles the addition of defined volumes to the sample. Microscopical observation of this sample during processing is provided. Image processing systems for the analysis of the videos are offered, e.g. for standard image processing, movement analysis, etc. The systems are programmable according to experimenter defined requirements.

Last update: 23 January 2012

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