DLR - MR System

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For magnetic resonance investigations a Bruker Biospec 47/40 system is available, which uses a horizontal axis magnet with a bore diameter of 40 cm and a field strength of Bo = 4.7 Tesla.

The figure shows a typical experiment setup for the examination of human calf muscle.

Magnet (1), calf holder with 5 cm RF coil (2), force transducer (3), force display (4), cuff (5), compressed air and pressure regulation (6), emergency valve (7), pair of EMG electrodes (8), and EMG preamplifier (9)

The MR system is equipped with a mini and a micro imaging kit for the application of rapid functional MR imaging on animals up to the size of an adult rat. This also includes aquatic animals. Appropriate systems for anesthesia and life support are available.

A MR probe head is available for 31P and 1H MR spectroscopy on small samples like cell cultures, tissue cultures, or small aquatic animals or plants (minimum cell mass about 50 mg). Appropriate life support systems are available.

Further information is available at DLR website.

Last update: 23 January 2012

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