Human Spaceflight Research

This website is intended for potential and actual users of the International Space Station (ISS) and of other research and engineering platforms and facilities such as Foton, sounding rockets, A300 Zero-G, and drop tower.

The utilisation objectives and possibilities of these facilities are presented, together with an explanation of how to gain access.

Summary information is also provided for the preparation and execution of experiments.

Past and present space missions and ground research activities related to the use of these facilities are also included.

Useful shortcuts:

  • The section 'Platforms & facilities' contains information on the charateristics and utilisation of the major platforms providing weightless conditions.

  • If you want to propose an experiment for the ISS or other facilities under our responsibility, the section 'Research Announcements' describes the formal access road for institutional utilisation.

  • Detailed scientific information concerning all ESA sponsored space research activities since the early 1970's can be accessed through the Erasmus Experiment Archive.

  • Streaming video coverage of missions/campaigns, and other events can be accessed via our Web Streaming Network.
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