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The main services and the expertise provided by ERISTO are:

  • Innovative analytical tools. In particular, ERISTO has developed a system able to measure bone microarchitecture and calculate bone strength In-Vivo. ERISTO also masters the main tools required to cultivate and study bone cells and tissues in a controlled environment.
  • In-Vitro models, in particular:
    • Effects of mechanical constraints on signal transduction within the cells, on bone formation and resorption activities.
    • Differentiation of bone precursor cells in a biomaterial.
    • Cultivation of ex-vivo bone cells.
    • Development of a 3D bone cell culture model including osteoblasts, osteoclasts and osteocytes in order to study the interactions between the cells, and ultimately simulate real bone remodeling. This model will rely on a 3D hydroxyapatite scaffold.
  • In-Vivo models and in particular:
    • Tail-Suspended immobilization model to study bone remodeling and revascularization.
    • Validation of transgenic mice models. 
  • Access to facilities. ERISTO can provide access to the existing facilities of the partners and to new facilities developed within the project. These facilities are mainly:
    • The 3D micro CT, which enables to study bone microarchitecture with In-Vivo measurements with a resolution of 20 to 30 μm. Bone strength can also be calculated using finite element analysis.
    • The Osteo Millenium Bioreactor, a space-qualified middeck locker platform, which enables both types of bone cells -osteoblasts & osteoclasts- to be studied together.
    • ERISTO undertakes the definition and development of a bioreactor compatible with the ERISTO in-vitro models able to fully control the physical and biochemical environment.
    • The Animal Holding Facility enabling to perform flight-experiments with mice.
    • A ground-based animal test facility able to accommodate immobilization experiments on rodents.
    • Clinical research facilities allowing performing long term immobilization studies on healthy subjects, investigating nutritional variables and their influences also in immobilization, and more generally clinical studies on patients.
Bone-like Synthetic 3D Scaffolds for Research and Clinical applications.

The project has been carried out through an international cooperation between research groups and companies from both the biomedical and the space fields.

The ERISTO partners are listed below:

  • Project architect and lead center: MEDES, Toulouse, France, Laurent Braak.
  • Academic partners:
    • IBT/ETH, Zürich, Switzerland, Pr. P. Rüegsegger.
    • LBBTO, St Etienne, France, Dr. L. Vico.
    • IST/CBA, Genoa, Italy, Pr. R. Cancedda.
    • DLR, Köln, Germany, Dr. M. Heer.
    • University of Bari, Bari, Italy, Pr. A. Zallone.
    • University of Turku, Turku, Finland, Dr. K. Väänänen.
  • Industrial partners:
    • Scanco Medical, Zürich, Switzerland, Dr. B. Koller.
    • Millenium Biologix Inc. Toronto, Canada, Mr. S. M. Pugh.

For more information on the ERISTO project, see the MEDES website

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