MEDES - Telemedicine Portable Station

Typical configuration for biomedical devices

ECG Recorder from 1 to 12 leads
Electronic Stethoscope with discrimination of cardiac sounds (20-200 Hz) and pulmonary
(200-1800 Hz)
Digital Camera CCD sensor 1.300.000 pixels, 16 million colours, maximum resolution 1280*960 pixels, automatic focus at 0,5m in large field and 1m at 0,5m in macro mode
Automatic Blood Pressure Armband Oscillometric mode, diastolic and systolic blood pressure, cardiac frequency
Pulse Oxymeter measures Sa02 (0  100%) and cardiac frequency, quality indicator of the perfusion
Infrared Sensor thermometer  
Glycemic test sample volume 10µL, measure range 20 to 600 mg/dl

The station is based on a standard laptop PC computer. The message handling system is based on the Lotus Notes software. The Tele-medicine Portable Station communicates by ground based telecommunication networks (GSM, PSTN, ISDN, ...) and space telecommunication systems (Inmarsat, Globalstar, …). GPS positioning is possible as an option.

It is conditioned in a waterproof and anti-shock transportation suitcase (weight 7.5 Kg, dimensions 47cm*38.7cm*17.5cm).

Last update: 23 January 2012

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