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3D Body Scan Facility at TNO

Full Description

Know-how is available on the derivation of body measures from scans; construction of made-to-measure clothing or apparel based on primary tasks, body measures, joint locations, motion behavior and comfort. With the 3D-body scanner, a new anthropometric database of the Dutch population is produced, called NedScan2000 (see Information on the anthropometry of other populations is available. A set of 16 moving cameras scans a laser stripe, which is projected on the body. The data of the cameras is combined to produce the full 3D geometry with a resolution of about 2-mm. Four additional colour cameras store the actual colours of the object or body.

The scanner can measure a volume of 2100 mm high x 1200 x 800 mm. Horizontal resolution is approximately 2 mm. Vertical resolution can be set between 0.86 mm and 4.3 mm.

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Last update: 23 January 2012

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