The clock is ticking: submit your letters of intent for the International Space Station

International Space Station
2 September 2011

The 9 September deadline for letters of intent is approaching fast for proposals of experiments relevant to climate change that use the International Space Station as a platform.

The International Space Station (ISS) offers breathtaking views of our planet to the astronauts, allowing them a front row seat to Mother Nature’s vast repertoire.

ESA is soliciting proposals for flight experiments relevant to climate change studies using the ISS as a platform.

Often invisible to the naked eye, profound changes occurring on, in and above Earth and to its climate can be observed by instruments mounted on the Space Station.

This is one of many new areas where the Space Station will benefit science and technology, and where the addition of Earth observation experiments could further expand its capabilities.

Proposed projects should complement current and planned climate change and Earth observations studies from dedicated satellite, airborne and terrestrial platforms.

There is the possibility to propose both experiments which would need a normal full space instrument development schedule as well as ‘fast-track’ experiments, which could be potentially be developed and flown in a short time frame (<3 years).

Fast-track experiments need to have a high technology readiness level, limited ISS resource requirements and most likely will be mounted internally viewing through ISS windows, such as those in Cupola.

Submission information
Proposal instructions, forms and supporting documents are available on an Announcement of Opportunity page.

Deadline for submission of Letters of Intent: 9 September 2011
Proposers workshop (at ESA/ESTEC): 7 October 2011
Deadline for submission of proposals: 4 November 2011

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