IMAX Space Station film - sneak preview screening

ISS reflected in an astronaut's helmet
Scene from the IMAX film: ISS reflected in an astronaut's helmet
1 October 2002

In September a special sneak preview of the new IMAX Space Station film was held at the Omniversum in the Netherlands. The preview was screened ahead of the Dutch première of the spectacular film, which is due to take place at the Omniversum on 1 October 2002.

The event was attended by ESA staff and members of the press who were also given the opportunity to interview Umberto Guidoni and Roberto Vittori, ESA astronauts who have both visited the International Space Station.

IMAX poster
Get your ticket to space!

Special guests at the sneak preview screening were His Excellency Mr Testori, the Italian Ambassador to the Netherlands and his wife.

As an introduction to the film Roberto Vittori and Umberto Guidoni gave a presentation to the audience about their experiences on board ISS during their respective missions.

Hosts and guests
Hosts and invited guests prior to the sneak preview at the Omniversum in The Hague
Umberto Guidoni and Roberto Vittori talk with His Excellency Mr Testori, the Italian Ambassador to the Netherlands
Vittori presentation
Roberto Vittori tells the audience about the Marco Polo mission
Hosts and guests
Mr Feustel-Buechel receives a signed Marco Polo mission poster from Roberto Vittori
Guidoni introduction
Umberto Guidoni introduces the Space Station IMAX film
Q+A press
Question and answer session for members of the press
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