Space agency leaders to gather in Paris

Recent photo of the International Space Station in its current configuration
7 July 2008

ESA PR 31-2008. On 17 July ESA will host an ISS Heads of Agency meeting at which leaders of the space agencies participating in the International Space Station programme (ESA for Europe, NASA for the US, CSA for Canada, JAXA for Japan, Roscosmos for Russia) will take stock of the ISS status and decide on future activities.

The meeting will take place at ESA Headquarters in Paris and will be followed by a press briefing at 13:00 hours.

The International Space Station has this year become very "international" indeed, notably with the successful launch and deployment of ESA's Columbus laboratory module, the launch and textbook perfect docking of ESA's Jules Verne Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV) and the addition of Japan's Kibo laboratory.

At the meeting, the ISS Partners will address the challenging task of completing assembly of the Space Station, review operations and utilisation aspects and assess the space transportation strategy.

After the ensuing press briefing, the Heads of Agency will link up with astronauts onboard the ISS who will present the original handwritten Jules Verne manuscripts that were flown to the Station onboard the Jules Verne ATV back in March.

Media representatives wishing to attend are invited to fill in the attached accreditation form. A video of the press briefing and the Jules Verne ATV event will also be released on the ESA web portal ( later that afternoon.

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Press briefing and Jules Verne ATV event post Heads-of-Agency meeting

Thursday 17 July 2008
13:00-14:30; Room B, 4th floor
ESA HQ, 8-10, rue Mario-Nikis, 75015 Paris

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