Join ESA's International Space Station Education Fund

Offer opportunities to students of all ages to design, develop and fly their experiments on board the ISS
18 July 2002

On 12 July 2002, ESA’s Director General Antonio Rodotà signed the Statutes of the International Space Station Education Fund.

The objective of the Fund is to ultimately offer to students of all ages the opportunity to design, develop and fly their experiments on board the ISS. To that end, the Fund will collect grants from various institutions, including industry, to complement ESA’s effort.

In fact, in 2000, ESA Member States participating to the International Space Station Programme approved the principle that up 1% of the European resources (e.g. mass, power and crew time), on board the International Space Station would be dedicated to educational activities, student’s experiments in particular. Thanks to the ISS Education Fund, it will be possible to support the development of these educational activities and student's experiments that will be executed on board.

On signing the Statutes, ESA's DG Antonio Rodotà, stated: "The establishment of this Fund is a concrete step for ESA - and for all institutions that will want to join us - in support of our effort to motivate the young generations, and give them the opportunity to apply themselves to scientific research and technology development. As much as space - and ESA - need European citizens who are scientifically literate, Europe can make use of space - and human spaceflight in particular - as a tool to engage the interest of the young generation in the scientific disciplines. I am hopeful that there will be a strong response to this call by many institutions and industry, not only from the space sector".

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