Arc'hanmael Gaillard

Arc'hanmael Gaillard

Age: 34
Nationality: French
Resides in: Rennes, France

Candidate for the crew for the 520-day isolation period of the Mars 500 study; member of the backup crew for the 105-day study.

Current employment: Study and development engineer who has worked for Thomson R&D France on the research and development of technologies for flat panel displays, which includes the design of drivers, pixel circuits and backplane realisations.

Education: 2003~December 2007 – PhD in Electronics at the Institut d’Electronique et de Télécommunications de Rennes (IETR), University of Rennes1 with THOMPSON R&D France.
2002 – Master of Science in Electrical Engineering & Electronics from the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA), Rennes.
2001 – Bachelor of Science in Electronics from the University of Rennes1.

Other Experience: Teaching experience at the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité, Rennes, where he taught semiconductor material physics, properties of transistors, solid-state semiconductor devices to graduate students.

Interests/hobbies: Science (e.g. physics, electronics, space engineering), general knowledge games, cinema, squash, jogging, judo, and archery.

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